House About Us

As well as being highly experienced within our field, SmartLet staff are experienced within the Letting Industry, including Property Management and the handling of Tenants' deposits. This means we understand the possible problems faced by the Agent, Landlord and Tenant.

For example we understand that for the Agent deadlines can sometimes be tight, and changes can occur last minute!

With this in mind we are flexible and prepared to work around an Agent's specific procedures, most importantly, our reports are all produced within 24 hours of compilation.

We have first hand experience of dealing with troublesome deposit returns and disputes, so we know the problems which can arise without an accurate Inventory/Check-out report. We also know that each Landlord and their property is individual, so we aim to personalise our service wherever required to suit individual needs.

We are based in Hove, serving East and West Sussex. We prefer to keep our relationships with our customers personal, which is why all bookings are confirmed to you by phone or by email, with any specific instructions noted.

We do not employ temporary staff and our Clerks are personally trained to the same high standard guided by the AIIC and APIP. Where ever possible the same Clerk will carry out the Inventory, Check-in and Check-out at the property so that they may come to know the property itself.

Knowing the problems and disputes which can arise as a result of an inaccurate report, we aim to provide comprehensive and unambiguous Inventories which in turn can be used to compile an easily comparable Check-out report. We provide dated digital photography where required to ensure easy understanding of our comments.